[Poem] His Plea

Oh no, don’t cry, don’t cry!
I know, I know, trust Me, I know;
It’s difficult to accept the Unknown.
But trust Me, I will be right here and there,
Holding your hand and helping you understand,
The life you must endure for the Kingdom at hand.
So come now, let’s see what’s in store for you,
Just for you, My sweet child, just for you.
Believe you can endure it because I know you can, too.
So don’t cry, don’t cry, My child, for I love you.
I know and it pains Me so,
That you find it difficult to accept the Unknown.

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” // Isaiah 41:10

Trump: A Fascist in Patriot’s Clothing

We can either consider Trump a freaking genius and a true American patriot, or a disgraceful bigot who enjoys provoking and dividing the American people.
Considering what he’s done and what he plans to do, I’m convinced that he’s a joke. An attention-seeker. A sellout. A conman. A deluded businessman who’s treating America as his own reality show.
Like Khizr Khan, I wonder if he’s ever read the U.S. Constitution. Like Pope Francis, I question his so-called Christian values.
Like many Americans, I know he can’t make America great again. But it’s the reality that so many people support him and actually agree with him that freaks me out.
I mean, come on, are they really that blind, that closed-minded?
Do they really believe what he says is the truth? Do his Christian supporters knowingly throw Jesus’s teachings out the window when they cheer him on? Do they actually think he’ll get away with every illegal thing he’s proposing to do?
America deserves better, right?
One thing I’ve noticed, though, and I hope you have too, is that his campaign has created more questions and fears than it has provided solutions and hope. Mark of a leader? Nope! Mark of a fascist in patriot’s clothing? Sadly, yes.
There’s still a chance to turn all of this around, don’t get me wrong, but the time to heal the wounds he’s created in our country is running out.
Because come November, if he wins the election, America will pay dearly for his mistakes and inability to lead. So, in the mean time, spread the Word, educate the less educated, debate with the stubborn, and love your neighbors.
We can do it. I know we can. Our country has been through worse and she’s always come out on top but only because the people realized that by working together, America can be made better.
Go in peace, brothers and sisters.
“America is a tune. It must be sung together.”
—Gerald Stanley Lee, “Crowds” (1913)

[Poem] The New America

Welcome to the New America!
Land of disunity obsessed with security,
A terrific enigma, a model of democracy.

Our patriots at large, corporations in charge,
The Dream crushed, the Nightmare rushed,
Riots in the streets, constant breach of the peace,
Cops down, cops down! no rest for the police.
Debt rises and rises! Economic turmoil in all sizes.

A country plagued with racism,
Twisted and manipulated by fascism.
People surrendering to divisive temptation,
Foreign policy endangering the nation.
People obsessing over the material,
Turning away from the Eternal.

Poor America, you terrible enigma!
No one understood you.
No one appreciated you!
No one cared to overthrow the oligarchy,
In the name of democracy.

So welcome to the New America!
Land of disunity obsessed with security,
Where liberty was given up in the face of fearful tyranny.

Human Despair

Don’t forget about us, my Lord.
As evil men torment us with the sword.
Rebuke them, my God,
And protect us from the dark.
So shine your light, Father,
On all those who suffer.

Embrace our prayers, our Creator,
And protect us from the Traitor.
Rebuke him, my Lord!
And help us find solace in the Word.
We desperately await your Second Coming;
But for now, help us make sense of all this suffering.

My God, my God, are you there?
Are you listening?

Are you aware of our despair?

[Poem] His Commandments

Love Christ and love your neighbors.
Fight for the King and heal Evil’s stings.
Praise the Creator and protect the environment.
Exalt the Prince of Peace and resolve and prevent conflict.

Respect the Father and defend His little ones.
Fear the Judge and judge no one.
Embrace the Spirit and sacrifice your attachments.
Obey God and observe His commandments.

Essay on civil disobedience and nonviolence

Civil disobedience is the greatest catalyst for change in any society: it tells, not asks, the government to obey the people by refusing to acknowledge its authority. When the people stop obeying, the government, the true minority, has no choice but to start listening to the majority.
On the other hand, mindless violence dishonors the most noble of causes. It tarnishes the people’s conscience and makes their demands illegitimate in the eyes of the government. Even more tragic is that it dissuades silent bystanders from becoming vocal supporters of the cause.
Make no mistake, violence will always bring about change. It may even bring peace, but it is a peace that is short lived and spent constructing what has been destroyed. It is a change unworthy of our blood, sweat, and tears. As a result, it will not give the people what they want (and truly deserve) but what their actions deserve.
It is the non-violent humility of a social movement that enables its participants to shine in the blessed light of unity, hope, and strength. However, if a social movement is mistakenly mixed, then obsessed with violence, and even if it is first exalted by means of darkness, it will be answered by even more violence and indifference and so on until it is put down by division, desperation, and finally destruction.
The people must proceed in peaceful manners no matter the violence and indifference that is inflicted upon them. Remember that the authorities cannot arrest or suppress an idea, especially if it’s a just one. Therefore, I say that anyone serious about making a change in this country must embrace the fruits of nonviolence. We are, after all, humans, not animals.
Let us also always remember, especially in times of civil unrest, what Martin Luther King, Jr. observed in his book, Strength to Love,
Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
Finally, I ask you all to keep your eyes fixated on the light. No matter what people say or do in this world, the lovely light of peace will always triumph over the hateful darkness of war.
God be with you all, my fellow Americans.

“Those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” // Matthew 23:12

[Letters] Permission to Separate

To High Agent Poorsong:

I have received your request for permission to incite a race war in the United States. While I know your intentions are good, I cannot help but tell you the foolishness of starting a war of that nature so early in your campaign. In addition, what good is it to make a request then deliberately disobey my decision when I am against it?

I did not grant you permission to possess the Dallas snipers. Your operation has created turmoil in the Office of North American Affairs. It doesn’t make sense. Don’t you see the stupidity of your actions? Obviously, you don’t. If you did, you wouldn’t have sent me your previous request letter. Well, I’ll explain it to you in terms you will hopefully understand.

You have given more opportunity to the Traitor (the one they call ‘God’) to make Himself more known to the world, especially in the American state of Texas. While you poorly executed your operation, tens of thousands of wretched humans prayed for peace and calm, and some even asked for the intercession of the Traitor’s Mother! You know very well that Her presence is dangerously detrimental to the well-being of the King.

After the city cooled down, as people all around the world woke up and/or realized the debacle of Dallas, hundreds of millions of humans joined the spiritual war against the King and his agents. Even materialistic social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter were filled with calls for prayer and unity!

Prayers for Dallas continue to affect agents in the field. A rumor is spreading throughout the districts of hell that even the King has fallen ill. It’s chaos here!

Granted, your even smaller operations that instilled fear and, in many cases, racial prejudice into the police officers who, as a result, killed numerous innocent civilians was a success. You did well. That is how you divide people up: by making the issue an ‘us versus the police’ problem.

However, your actions in Dallas killed your progress. Yes, there is a rise of hate directed towards police officers from the easily radicalized, but there is even more talk of unity, love, and peace. We can’t have that. We can’t have the Americans realize the power of love and nonviolence. Remember the civil rights warrior, Martin Luther King, Jr.? Disturbing times!

You have one more chance to make this right. Do not proceed with the race war. Read this again: do NOT proceed with the race war. Mass violence is sweet to the ears of our agents but we must be patient. The American Nightmare, as you well know, hasn’t fully developed yet. Let us wait until that day to incite a war between the races.

For now, a race war will only make things worse. Instead, produce dark flames of violence in society, most preferably in regions where criminal distress thrives. Continue to nurture the idea of ‘us versus the police’ in the minds of young minorities, especially those who are prone to succumb to desperation. In addition, I have already instructed Jezebel to increase anti-prayer sentiment on Western social media channels so her actions should make it easier to disrupt all this disgusting talk about divine ‘intervention’.

Don’t let us down, High Agent. The fate of America’s destruction rests in your hands. Hail the King!

In Hell,
Commandant Snakewood

Inspired by C.S. Lewis’s The Screwtape Letters