“Another Day” – short story on the porn industry

“Can’t I have a break?” Sharon Phillips, a 23-year-old porn actress, asked the director on site. She had just finished a scene with two men and, considering it lasted over an hour, she was exhausted. Her vaginal area ached and her throat burned from all the positions they, the men on and off camera, put her through. She looked at the director from the table she was sitting at and asked him again, “Rob, can I get a break?” The burly director looked at her for a second then shook his head. “You’ll get your break after the next scene,” he mumbled.

She sighed. She wanted to beg for a little shut eye but if she did she risked her job. She didn’t want that. She had to make a living somehow. After all, they were paying her well: ten thousand U.S. dollars for the day. When they called her up, they said today would be a ‘group sex’ day: threesomes and more if they felt she was ready. But of course, they would tell her to perform in more scenes. She was a veteran after all, having lasted more than 3 years in the porn industry.

But Sharon just wanted to go home. She sipped a bit from the plastic water bottle in her hands but yelped in pain when the water went down her throat. It really hurts, she thought to herself. She put her head down on the table. The idea that maybe she was infected with an STI crossed her mind. She closed her eyes and thought about Toby, one of the men from the morning threesome who was rumored to have gonorrhea.

“Cindy Pink,” a voice called out. Sharon’s ‘porn name’. She hated it but the customers loved it. “Yes?” she looked up and saw the new director for the scene, a middle-aged, but handsome man. He looked at her fake breasts with his big lustful eyes. Almost instantly, she shifted uncomfortably in her seat. She was still cautious of older men looking at her in the way her own father did when she was a child.

“My male actors are waiting for you in Room 8,” he finally said. Sharon held back a sigh. “Can I get something for my throat, first? It hurts like hell.”

“I only got an hour with you. Just suck it up.” He grinned like a fox. She tiredly stood up, ignoring his suggestive innuendo, and stepped into the hallway. She laughed a little. The moans that came from the closed doors were as fake as her breasts. Maybe Natasha’s performing today, she hoped.

She arrived at Room Eight. She turned the knob and found six men conversing with each other on a couch. “No,” she shook her head, “I’m not doing this right now.” She couldn’t believe it. Six guys? She was too tired to even think about what they were going to make her do.

One of them, a slim white man, stood up with a predatory grin and said, “Don’t worry about it, Cindy. We’ll play nice.” The guys laughed as they pointed to the cuffs and blindfolds on the prop table. This was apparently her specialty but she wasn’t excited. In fact, she was sick to her stomach.

She ran out of the room and into the downstairs bathroom. She puked everything she ate that morning which wasn’t much but it still felt like hell. Closing the door behind her, she looked at herself in the mirror and wept.

“It’s just for today,” the hopeful Sharon cried with the mascara fading away. Then someone knocked on the door and thus continued her work day.

Thoughts on Kaepernick and the Trump-Peña Nieto Meeting

On Kaepernick’s refusal to stand during the national anthem: as a citizen of this great country, he is entitled to the right to peacefully protest in any way he likes. Our Armed Forces, from the Marines who stormed the beaches of Iwo Jima against the Japanese to the Union soldiers who defended Gettysburg from the Confederates fought for our safety as well as for our rights, such as the one Kaepernick expressed recently. His message is powerful and so was his display of courage.

On Enrique Peña Nieto’s meeting with Donald Trump in Mexico: both have lost their minds. Nieto is a fool and a sell-out for inviting a bigot who insulted his whole nation. He failed to defend his people and embarrassed them in front of the whole world. — Trump remains convinced (and has convinced his supporters) that Mexico will pay for the wall. If Trump thinks the Mexican people will roll over and take his B.S., the wall will be the least of his worries.

[Poem] His Plea

Oh no, don’t cry, don’t cry!
I know, I know, trust Me, I know;
It’s difficult to accept the Unknown.
But trust Me, I will be right here and there,
Holding your hand and helping you understand,
The life you must endure for the Kingdom at hand.
So come now, let’s see what’s in store for you,
Just for you, My sweet child, just for you.
Believe you can endure it because I know you can, too.
So don’t cry, don’t cry, My child, for I love you.
I know and it pains Me so,
That you find it difficult to accept the Unknown.

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” // Isaiah 41:10

Trump: A Fascist in Patriot’s Clothing

We can either consider Trump a freaking genius and a true American patriot, or a disgraceful bigot who enjoys provoking and dividing the American people.
Considering what he’s done and what he plans to do, I’m convinced that he’s a joke. An attention-seeker. A sellout. A conman. A deluded businessman who’s treating America as his own reality show.
Like Khizr Khan, I wonder if he’s ever read the U.S. Constitution. Like Pope Francis, I question his so-called Christian values.
Like many Americans, I know he can’t make America great again. But it’s the reality that so many people support him and actually agree with him that freaks me out.
I mean, come on, are they really that blind, that closed-minded?
Do they really believe what he says is the truth? Do his Christian supporters knowingly throw Jesus’s teachings out the window when they cheer him on? Do they actually think he’ll get away with every illegal thing he’s proposing to do?
America deserves better, right?
One thing I’ve noticed, though, and I hope you have too, is that his campaign has created more questions and fears than it has provided solutions and hope. Mark of a leader? Nope! Mark of a fascist in patriot’s clothing? Sadly, yes.
There’s still a chance to turn all of this around, don’t get me wrong, but the time to heal the wounds he’s created in our country is running out.
Because come November, if he wins the election, America will pay dearly for his mistakes and inability to lead. So, in the mean time, spread the Word, educate the less educated, debate with the stubborn, and love your neighbors.
We can do it. I know we can. Our country has been through worse and she’s always come out on top but only because the people realized that by working together, America can be made better.
Go in peace, brothers and sisters.
“America is a tune. It must be sung together.”
—Gerald Stanley Lee, “Crowds” (1913)

[Poem] The New America

Welcome to the New America!
Land of disunity obsessed with security,
A terrific enigma, a model of democracy.

Our patriots at large, corporations in charge,
The Dream crushed, the Nightmare rushed,
Riots in the streets, constant breach of the peace,
Cops down, cops down! no rest for the police.
Debt rises and rises! Economic turmoil in all sizes.

A country plagued with racism,
Twisted and manipulated by fascism.
People surrendering to divisive temptation,
Foreign policy endangering the nation.
People obsessing over the material,
Turning away from the Eternal.

Poor America, you terrible enigma!
No one understood you.
No one appreciated you!
No one cared to overthrow the oligarchy,
In the name of democracy.

So welcome to the New America!
Land of disunity obsessed with security,
Where liberty was given up in the face of fearful tyranny.

Human Despair

Don’t forget about us, my Lord.
As evil men torment us with the sword.
Rebuke them, my God,
And protect us from the dark.
So shine your light, Father,
On all those who suffer.

Embrace our prayers, our Creator,
And protect us from the Traitor.
Rebuke him, my Lord!
And help us find solace in the Word.
We desperately await your Second Coming;
But for now, help us make sense of all this suffering.

My God, my God, are you there?
Are you listening?

Are you aware of our despair?

[Poem] His Commandments

Love Christ and love your neighbors.
Fight for the King and heal Evil’s stings.
Praise the Creator and protect the environment.
Exalt the Prince of Peace and resolve and prevent conflict.

Respect the Father and defend His little ones.
Fear the Judge and judge no one.
Embrace the Spirit and sacrifice your attachments.
Obey God and observe His commandments.